Artskill Store is the Petersburg brand of leather accessories. Their flagship model - the case for artists Artskill Pro. Now in their range every last accessory placement and size.
All products are made in small batches in our own workshop in Saint-Petersburg. Test yourself in the work and travel. The skin become providers of the best Russian and Italian manufacturers. A lot depends on the materials and processing technologies, so Artskill store with trepidation about the choice of the skin and develop its production. It is important to have everything thought out – managed for the material technology, Assembly was quick and the product is easy in use.
Artskill store create a product that not usually pay attention to a large company. So they create things with great responsibility. First think about functionality and versatility, and then about fashion trends.
In a world where trends and moods change quickly, it is important that things were long and getting better every year. They like to follow their artists, designers, travellers and just a nice lady who daily use their products. They fly around the world and acquire the charisma of their friends!