Russian lacquer miniature - it is a plant for the production of Handicrafts: boxes and caskets of papier-mache hand-painted by artists-miniaturists tempera paints in the Kholuy, Palekh, Fedoskino.

The location of the enterprise (the village of Kholui) allows you to connect to the manufacturing process, in part drawing painting, artists village Kholui and Palekh, which is located in close proximity to the production. Thereby offering handmade products of the highest quality.

Russian lacquer miniature couldn't get around and Fedoskino, with its beautiful and realistic stories that reflect photographically artist miniature painting. Therefore, regularly interact with artists from Fedoskino, refill privozimoy products.

We accept individual orders for development and manufacturing of products of a varnish miniature all subjects. Architecture, fairy Tales, Genre, Hunting, Portraits, Corporate decision with the company logo, Individual development, according to the customers sketches. All of this will be made efficiently, quickly and affordably.