Publishing house "Word": our creations – the best gift for book lovers

Each art lover and collector quality publications familiar to the famous series "Great museums of the world" created by the Moscow publishing house "the Word". This magnificent collection is just one of the creations of our craftsmen, who put heart and soul into every book. Introduced more than a quarter of a century ago, the private publishing house creates the incredible beauty of albums dedicated to the art, publishes Russian classics, modern literature, prints and more.

If you love to read, favorite book will be a joy even in the most ugly cover, but a selection of gifts suitable for all of us as thoroughly as possible. What can be the best gift for a man, not thinking my life without book character, than a thick Tome bound with gold embossing?

The book is a universal gift, you can give as a friend and colleague or a recent acquaintance. Given a couple of casual questions – and you have found the literary preferences of the person. A fan of the fashion industry will love great albums, created by the researcher of fashion by Alexandre Vassiliev. The history buff will enjoy is dedicated to the fate of the Romanov Royal family a collection of articles recently published by the publishing house "Word" (Slovo). We specializiruetsya in the production of book series, and because of this, you can gradually give your friend or someone from the family books from the collection of 20-30 volumes, while not wasting time looking for a gift!

The best books in the gift shop Legri

Carousel – an amazing stash of gifts, you will find gifts for every taste, they are suitable for people of all ages and incomes. Books of publishing house "Word" can be called real works of art:

in each of them you will see expertly executed illustrations;
all texts pass through several levels of editing, especially carefully checked translated editions, so the publisher can achieve the highest level of quality;
innovative methods of printing allow you to create volumes that will be stored in your family more than a dozen generations without losing its appearance.
In our catalog you will find the collection of world famous classics of Russian literature: Chekhov, Bunin, Kuprin, Dostoevsky, Bulgakov, Gogol. Here you can enjoy a collection of children's literature of the 50 volumes, 100-volume edition of Russian classics 25 great pieces of literature about love.

This gift will give not only spiritual, but also aesthetic pleasure: books emphasize the status of the celebrant, integrated into the decor of the office but if you chose a book of fairytales, it will delight baby with bright artwork and unusual illustrations.

We will gladly help you find the perfect gift and deliver it to any corner of Russia!